Igor Rajković

Igor Rajković (1970), graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade (1996). He started teaching at the same faculty (1996) at the Department of Architectural and Urban Planning. He is currently an associate professor at the Department of Architecture and manager of the Master of Interior Architecture studies at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture.
In parallel with pedagogy, he is engaged in professional and artistic work within STU.DIA d.o.o. (since 2003, founder with N. Fotirić). He is the author of a large number of architectural and urban planning projects, which include several dozen completed buildings and reconstructions, as well as almost 300 completed interiors and exhibition spaces in the country and abroad. He is the winner of awards and recognitions at international and domestic architectural and urban planning competitions, as well as awards at international exhibitions of architecture and urban planning, where he regularly exhibits. The Air and Space Museum facility (Beijing, China) was awarded the Charter of the Association of Architects of Serbia for the executed work of our architects that was realized abroad in 2015 (authors: B. Hetzel, N. Fotirić and I. Rajković). The project Masterplan Beijing futura city (Beijing, China) was awarded the first prize in the Urban Projects and Realizations category (2012) at the 22nd Salon of Urbanism in Niš (authors: B. Hetzel, N. Fotirić and I. Rajković).
He is also the author of written works. He publishes his works in professional publications and periodicals, as well as in scientific journals and at international meetings. He is one of the authors of the professional monograph X (2009, with N. Fotirić), and one of the authors of the monograph УБ-АФ МУАД Школа архитектуре унутрашњег простора. He made his contribution to the development of the artistic and scientific field of architecture through membership in professional organizations, as well as membership in the council of the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture.

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