Ivana Rakonjac

Assistant Professor, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture

Ivana Rakonjac graduated from the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture (UB-AF) where she acquired a bachelor’s and master’s degree. She defended her Ph.D. in the field of Architectural Design and Contemporary Architecture (2016). The focus of her research and professional activities is in the fields of architecture, lighting, and industrial design. Her work is orientated toward connecting theory and practice continuously improving the design process. As an author, she has published numerous scientific papers in internationally rated journals.
With over a decade of teaching experience at the Department of Architecture UB-AF, starting in 2007, she currently holds the position of Assistant Professor (since 2017) in the field of Architectural Design. Ivana has also actively participated in numerous professional events both nationally and internationally. She received recognition at the 43rd Salon of Architecture in the category of publications as the author of the chapter in Lojanica & Dragišić (eds.), Omnibus: Short Stories on Residential Themes (UB-AF, 2019). Co-author of the published book UB-FA MIAD School of Interior Architecture (with Rajković, Kordić, Zorić, UB-AF, 2023). She is the editor of the Student Yearbook UB-AF (since 2022).
Her professional engagement is centered around architectural and urban design. She began her career as a designer (2007) and founded the architectural practice METEOR studio (2016, studio.meteorbeograd.com). She holds a license as a responsible designer from the Serbian Chamber of Engineers (2011). Her portfolio includes a diverse range of projects, including over forty completed projects in interior architecture, several built buildings, and an urban public space. She is active in the field of industrial design, with achievements in designing lighting fixtures and furniture by developing the METEOR Lux brand (2017, meteorlux.com).
Ivana is a member of national professional associations, the management board of the Institute of Architecture and Urbanism of Serbia (since 2018), and the Program Commission for the Promotion and Popularization of Science and Technology of the Center for the Promotion of Science (2018-2021). Additionally, she is engaged in organizing structures in UB-AF.

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