Jelena Ristić Trajković

Dr. Jelena Ristić Trajković is an Associate Professor at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture and at the University of Arts in Belgrade – Faculty of Applied Arts, where she is involved in both practical / design studio and theoretical design courses. With a background in architecture, her research interests include cultural and ecological aspects of design, environment-behaviour theories in design, design for health and wellbeing, urban narratives, cultural heritage, housing, and generally a design methodology in terms of climate change, regenerative and responsible architectural and urban design.

She is involved in several research projects, and networks mainly focused on climate and societal changes as a central theme, especially on educating the professional and general public in the context of developing a critical reflection on society and cities (Enhancing of Heritage Awareness and Sustainability of Built Environment in Architectural and Urban Design Higher Education (HERSUS), Eco-Friendly Built Environment (ECOBUILT), Introducing User-driven design and agile development skills in the case of sustainable service housing for elderly (sUser), EUROPE READR – the future of living, CA17133 Implementing nature-based solutions for creating a resourceful circular city, CA18126 Writing Urban Places, CA21166 – Social Sciences and Humanities for Transformation and Climate Resilience).

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