Michiel Smits

Dr.ir. Michiel Smits is a senior researcher at Avans University of Applied Sciences, faculty for Sustainable Built Environment (Tilburg, The Netherlands). His research focuses on the intersection of architectural design, climate positive building solutions and rapid societal climate response. Empowering students to act and getting the transitions into motion is what he does best. To do so he combines this position with that of theme director at the Urban Living Lab Breda, focusing on the topics of the energy transition and sustainability. Moreover, he chairs his research group: Climate Positive and Circular Built Environment at Curio. The different roles enable him to design and rapidly deploy field and living labs together with the local inhabitants, companies, NGOs and the government. Thus, taking a vital position in the quadruple helix to battle climate change in the built environment. (contact: mwm.smits@avans.nl)

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